2. Midwest

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Summary of Midwestern Area

Overview Thanks to the prosperity of farming and raising stock, many mid-size and large cities were established throughout the Midwest during the 19th century. The western part of this area was the opening of the frontier during the settlement of the American West, and much of the scenery made popular in Western movies is still visible today.
Geography Outside of a few mountain ranges typical to the United States, the land is relatively flat.
Climate The temperature differences between summer and winter are great in this area. Summers around the Great Lakes are cooler, but it is known to be very windy and many blizzards occur during the winter.
Due to flat nature of the land, farming and raising stock were popular during pervious eras. Industry prospered using the waterways along Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers. From the mid-20th century, the automotive industry developed around Detroit, and many Japanese auto makers have bases in the area today.
Main Cities Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, St. Louis

Midwestern States

  • North Dakota
  • Capital City: Bismarck
  • Major Cities: Fargo - The largest city in the state
  • South Dakota
  • Capital City: Pierre
  • Major Cities: Sioux Falls - The largest city in the state
  • Nebraska
  • Capital City: Lincoln
  • Major Cities: Omaha - The largest city in the state
  • Kansas
  • Capital City: Topeka
  • Major Cities: Wichita - The largest city in the state
  • Minnesota
  • Capital City: Saint Paul
  • Major Cities: Minneapolis - The largest city; called Twin Cities with adjacent Saint Paul
  • Iowa
  • Capital City: Des Moines
  • Major Cities: Cedar Rapids - The 2nd largest city in the state
  • Missouri
  • Capital City: Jefferson City
  • Major Cities: Kansas City - The largest city in the state
    St. Louis - Industrial/Commercial Hub; Famous for its Gateway Arch
  • Wisconsin
  • Capital City: Madison
  • Major Cities: Milwaukee - The largest city in the state, famous for beer production
  • Michigan
  • Capital City: Lansing
  • Major Cities: Detroit - The largest city and well known for its automotive industry
    Grand Rapids - The 3rd largest city, the central city in Western Michigan
    Ann Arbor - University of Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Capital City: Indianapolis
  • Major Cities: Fort Wayne City - The 2nd largest city in the state
  • Ohio
  • Capital City: Columbus
  • Major Cities: Cleveland - City along Lake Erie
    Cincinnati - An industrial city near the border of Kentucky where there are many Japanese companies

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