2. Northeast

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Summary of Northeastern Area

Overview With immigration from Europe beginning in this area, most of the states in the Northeast were established during the Revolutionary Era of United States. Much of that history still remains today. Immigrants from many different countries and cultures coexist in this area. The Northeast is also well known for its Ivy League Schools.
Geography The Appalachian Mountain range runs from Canada to the South, with many hills and green forests.
Climate The North experiences all four season, with warm summers and harsh winters.
In this cold and relatively rocky area, industry developed over farming. Many financial and information hub cities were formed in the area. The growth of high-tech industries, especially IT and biotechnology, has been remarkable.
Main Cities New York City, Atlantic City, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,

Northeastern States

  • Maine
  • Capital City: Augusta
  • Major Cities: Portland - The largest city in the state
  • New Hampshire
  • Capital City: Concord
  • Major Cities: Manchester - The largest city in the state
  • Vermont
  • Capital City: Montpelier
  • Major Cities: Burlington - The largest city in the state; Located along Lake Champlain, famous for sightseeing.
  • New York
  • Capital City: Albany
  • Major Cities: New York City - The largest city in the state; the 4th largest city in the world
    Buffalo - The 2nd largest city in the state; An industrial city near Niagara Falls
    Rochester - Called "The World's Image Center" as the HQs of companies such as Bausch & Lomb and Eastman/Kodak are located here
  • Pennsylvania
  • Capital City: Harrisburg
  • Major Cities: Philadelphia - The largest city in the state; Known as an Academic City
    Pittsburgh - The 2nd largest city in the state; Developed as the Iron City, but today it is known as a high-tech, college town.
  • Delaware
  • Capital City: Dover
  • Major Cities: Wilmington - The largest city in the state
  • New Jersey
  • Capital City: Trenton
  • Major Cities: Newark - The largest city in the state
    Jersey City - Commercial, industrial city across from Manhattan
  • Connecticut
  • Capital City: Hartford
  • Major Cities: Bridgeport - The largest city in the state
  • Rhode Island
  • Capital City: Providence
  • Major Cities: Newport - A port city famous for resorts
  • Massachusetts
  • Capital City: Boston
  • Major Cities: Cambridge - Famous for Harvard University, MIT

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