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Summary of Southern Area

Overview Compared to the other areas, the South is generally considered to be more conservative. Famous for its “southern hospitality”, people here are friendly and hospitable to visitors. The South has its own culture made up of country music, southern accents, soul food and much more. While big cities have developed skyscrapers, many cities still maintain a traditional southern atmosphere.
Geography The Appalachian Mountain range extends along the east, and the Mississippi River runs through the mostly flat land in the west.
Climate Summer is longer and spring comes earlier in the states along the Gulf of Mexico. Much like Japan, states towards the north have four distinctive seasons.
Historically, the cotton and tobacco industries flourished in Plantations. The petrochemical industry quickly developed after the discovery of oilfields. Recently the automotive industry has grown rapidly, and each state is eagerly inviting automotive plants.
Main Cities Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta, Charleston, Miami, Memphis, Charlotte, Richmond, Baltimore

Southern States

  • Oklahoma
  • Capital City: Oklahoma City
  • Major Cities: Tulsa - The 2nd largest city in the state; well developed petroleum industry
  • Texas
  • Capital City: Austin
  • Major Cities: Houston - Global level business city and the largest city in the state
    Dallas - Financial and economical hub, the 3rd largest city in the state
    San Antonio - Popular for sightseeing ,the 2nd largest city in the state
  • Arkansas
  • Capital City: Little Rock
  • Major Cities: Fort Smith
  • Louisiana
  • Capital City: Baton Rouge
  • Major Cities: New Orleans: The largest city in the state; a port city developed for sightseeing and industry
  • Kentucky
  • Capital City: Frankfort
  • Major Cities: Louisville - The largest city in the state; known for the Kentucky Derby
    Lexington - The 2nd largest city; known for thoroughbreds and bourbon whisky production
  • Tennessee
  • Capital City: Nashville
  • Major Cities: Memphis - The largest city in the state along the Mississippi River; known for the birth place of Elvis Presley
    Knoxville - An industrial city where University of Tennessee is located
    Chattanooga - The 4th largest city in the state; famous for industry and sightseeing
  • Mississippi
  • Capital City: Jackson
  • Major Cities: Tupelo
  • Alabama
  • Capital City: Montgomery
  • Major Cities: Birmingham: The largest city in the state
  • Georgia
  • Capital City: Atlanta
  • Major Cities: Augusta: City known for Augusta National Golf Club
    Savannah: A port city
  • North Carolina
  • Capital City: Raleigh
  • Major Cities: Charlotte - The largest in the state; Commercial, Industrial and Financial city
    Wilmington - Known for the film industry; called Eastern Hollywood
  • Florida
  • Capital City: Tallahassee
  • Major Cities: Jacksonville - The largest city in the state
    Miami - A globally famous resort spot
    Tampa - The 3rd largest city in the state
    Orlando - One of the most popular sightseeing spots in the United States
  • West Virginia
  • Capital City: Charleston
  • Major Cities: Huntington - A college town located on the border of Kentucky and Ohio
  • Maryland
  • Capital City: Annapolis
  • Major Cities: Baltimore - The largest city in the state
  • Virginia
  • Capital City: Richmond
  • Major Cities: Virginia Beach - The largest city in the state; faces Chesapeake Bay
    Norfolk - An industrial port city
  • South Carolina
  • Capital City: Columbia
  • Major Cities: Charleston - Located on the Atlantic, this port city has a traditional southern atmosphere.
    Greenville - A fast-developing commercial, industrial city where many international companies are located

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