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The United States is full of diverse cities and unique areas. Many American cities are known throughout the world, but there are many important cities that you most likely have trouble locating. 

Below are the Top 20 cities and Top 10 states by population in the United States.  Looking at this map, you can see that it is most populated around the business centers in New York, the production centers of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, touristy Florida, the oil and aerospace centers Texas, and of course California, which has all of the above.  

Most Populous US Cities

Population:Top 20 Cities
Source:US Census of Bureau

Most Populous US States

Population:Top 10 States
Source:US Census of Bureau

Population:Top 20 Cities                                                                         Population: Top 10 States
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Population distribution will be an important factor for establishing any North American development, but special care must be taken when selecting a site for a manufacturing plant.

Below are the Top 10 states for manufacturing companies:
usa number of manufacturing facilities (TIPS).jpg

International companies choose to develop in a variety of locations. Many choose to develop in highly-populated areas, but states such as Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee host a wide collection of international companies as well. There is now a foreign direct investment presence in every US state.

Finding a labor force in populated areas is naturally quite possible, but factors such as the price index and wages in those cities must be taken into account. On the contrary, in smaller, less populated areas, wages will be lower, but it may be more difficult to fully supply your labor force. Still, if the work environment and wages are attractive enough, many employees are willing commute from towns more than an hour away. Employees are often quite eager to participate in new business developments; some companies receive hundreds of applications for each available position. When working on site selection, it is important to study not only population but also more complex factors related to the labor force.        

       TIPS on Site Selection Considering Population and Labor Force

1) Compare the merits of larger cities and smaller towns when developing you site selection criteria. 

2) Area population, labor markets, and unemployment rates should be researched and examined. 

3) Also assess the cooperative attitude of the local area towards businesses.

4) Be careful that the unemployment rate varies in smaller towns when a company opens/closes. 

International companies are regularly evaluated as being highly stable and find many capable employees eager to work for them. Business development teams, working with Governors at the state level and Mayors and Chamber of Commerce at the local level, are actively involved in inviting international business to their areas.

It is Snavi’s mission to promote the meeting of international businesses and American communities, and we are proud to support the Win-Win relationships between these two parties.  

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