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Summary of Western Area

Overview Most of the western states were purchased from Britain, Mexico, and Russia in the 19th century. Native American tribes originally lived in these areas and many immigrants migrated to this area, giving it a very diverse population. This area developed rapidly thanks to the Gold Rush in the mid-19th Century and the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. Although there are many large cities on the west coast, many small towns remain further inland.
Geography In the west, there are various types of natural environments, including the Rocky Mountain range, desert areas such as the Sonora Desert, and coastal areas along California. Over 80% of the National Parks in the US are located in the west, including world natural heritage sites such as Yellow Stone, Yosemite, Red Wood, and the Grand Canyon.
Climate The western area occupies 2/3 of the land in the United States, and due to its variety of natural environments, temperatures during the four seasons vary greatly. Except for the Rocky area, the eastern portion is dry with little precipitation and temperatures drop to freezing in the winter time. The area along the Pacific is relatively warm throughout the year, but the northwestern part has the most precipitation in the United States.
In the areas where the oil industry and stock farming originally prospered, high-tech industries such as communication, semi-conductor, and biotechnology are rapidly developing. From the mid-20th century, many Japanese companies started developing their businesses in the coastal states, but many have begun moving inland as well.
Main Cities Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Honolulu

Western States

  • Idaho
  • Capital City: Boise
  • Major Cities: Coeur d'Alene - A city rapidly growing into a resort town
  • Washington
  • Capital City: Olympia
  • Major Cities: Seattle -The largest city in the state
    Spokane - The 2nd largest city in the state
  • Oregon
  • Capital City: Salem
  • Major Cities: Portland - The largest city in the state; the many semi-conductor, electronic, and communication industries in this area give it the nickname "Silicon Forest".
    Eugene - The 3rd largest city in the state
  • California
  • Capital City: Sacramento
  • Major Cities: Los Angeles - The largest city in the state
    San Diego - The 2nd largest city in the state
    San Francisco - A well-known sightseeing city
  • Nevada
  • Capital City: Carson City
  • Major Cities: Las Vegas - The largest city in the state, known for its many casinos
    Reno - Known for its many casinos
  • Utah
  • Capital City: Salt Lake City
  • Major Cities: Saint George
  • Arizona
  • Capital City: Phoenix
  • Major Cities: Tucson - An Academic City, known for the University of Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Capital City: Santa Fe
  • Major Cities: Albuquerque - The largest city in the state
    Roswell - The 5th largest city, known for the Roswell UFO incident
  • Colorado
  • Capital City: Denver
  • Major Cities: Colorado Springs - The 2nd largest city in the state
  • Wyoming
  • Capital City: Cheyenne
  • Major Cities: Casper
  • Montana
  • Capital City: Helena
  • Major Cities: Billings - The largest city in the state
  • Alaska
  • Capital City: Juneau
  • Major Cities: Anchorage - The largest city in the state
  • Hawaii
  • Capital City: Honolulu
  • Major Cities: Hilo

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